The Safe Sheep is an initiative of the Nature conservation association “Baltijos vilkas“. Aim of the initiative is to help farmers to protect their livestock from wolves. We, together with farmers, aspire to find and apply effective means of protection in Lithuania and, with assistance from government institutions, find ways to promote their acquisition.


Together we can achieve the safety of livestock even when a wolf lives nearby. Let’s adapt the prevention measures in Lithuania and make them as accessible for the farmers as possible.


To promote an expansive use of protection measures in Lithuania:

  • to provide information about the means of protection;
  • to promote the emergence of purchase locations;
  • to prompt government institutions to support the purchases and installation.


The initiative is based solely on voluntary work, without any part-time or full-time employees or the financing from the European Union. If you are interested in contributing in any way: spreading information, sharing your experience about livestock protection, financing the acquisition of prevention measures, please, contact us.