Rural development program

The purchase of electric net or fence might be financed according to the 2014-2020 Lithuanian Rural Development Program measure “Investment in tangible assets” field of activity „Preventive measures against wolves predation on livestock“.

You can find more information about protection in the descriptions of protection measures in this site. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us.

The aid of municipalities

In 2013 the Parliament of Lithuania adopted law amendments which provide that municipalities can use their environmental funds:

  • to pay compensations to farmers for the damage caused by wolves,
  • to financially support the purchase of preventive measures to protect livestock from wolves.

Back in 2014 Ministry of Environment distributed recommendations for municipalities to use their environmental funds to support preventive measures against wolves. In the latest issue of official recommendations ( these provisions are covered in articles 4.11 and 7.3.

Every municipality is responsible to establish the necessary procedures to distribute those funds. Contact your municipality for more information.