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Electric fence

Effectiveness 4stars

A fence of several (usually 5) wide tapes or wires with electric charge flowing within them. One of the most popular and effective protection measures from large predators.  Details »

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Livestock guarding dogs

Effectiveness 4stars

Time-tested guardians of livestock that can fight off wolves or at least raise an alarm. Their sole presence with the flock may deter predators and prevent protected animals from panicking.  Details »

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Electric net (mesh)

Effectiveness 3stars

Protection measure similar to the electric fence. The net through which the charge flows is used instead of horizontal tapes. Usually easier to work with than electric fence, but also less stable and strong.  Details »


LED Motion Sensor Floodlights

Effectiveness 2stars

Wolves are repelled by the effect of surprise when the light suddenly turns on. However, if they encounter the light frequently, this effect will fade, and the measure will become ineffective.  Details »



Effectiveness 4stars

Common strong building in almost every farm. Very effective measure, most suitable when livestock flock is small and pastured nearby.  Details »



Effectiveness 4stars

Historically the very first livestock protection measure from predators. Highly effective but usually suitable only in regions with specific pasturing strategies.  Details »

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Dog enclosure

Effectiveness 4stars

Specific measure to keep and protect dogs. Protects from wolves that do not shy away from killing dogs kept in open dog-sheds.  Details »

Kilnojamas aptvaras

Movable enclosure

Effectiveness 3stars

Strong but portable construction, that is used to protect livestock during night, bad weather or other sensitive period.  Details »


Non-electric or combined enclosure

Effectiveness 3stars

A well known construction designed to keep livestock inside and predators outside. Needs specific predators-proof design to be effective.  Details »

Vėliavėlių tvora


Effectiveness 2stars

Fladry (fence of flags) were widely used in the Eastern Europe in wolf hunts. May be used as quickly and cheaply installed measure of protection.  Details »

Garso patranka

Sound devices

Effectiveness 2stars

Various equipment that deter wild animals by issuing sounds. Usually used against wild ungulates and birds but may be tried against wolves too.  Details »



Effectiveness 1star

Strong, unpleasant, deterring smells sometimes are used to protect livestock from wolves. Measure is well known but its effectivenes is questionable.  Details »