Sound canon

Sound canon


Various devices that scare wild animals by emitting sounds. Usually used to deter ungulates and birds from crops, but may be also tried to protect livestock from wolves.


Might be used in cases where livestock are kept far from home, also devices must face away from settlements to not disturb people.

Effectiveness 2stars

This measure is effective for a rather short period of time until wildlife grow used to the repeating noise (up to 2 weeks). In order to increase effectiveness you should try to trick predators into thinking that this is a real threat, not a mechanical equipment. Therefore it is suggested to purchase device that may be programmed to emit sounds at random. Also it should be relocated regularly. If sound canon is gas driven, it emits specific smell which may also deter such cautious creature as wolf.

Price 2stars

Prices vary a lot. The cheapest devices cost around 300 EUR but they may lack programming features.

Maintenance 2stars

Considerable attention is needed: devices must be regularly relocated or reprogrammed.

Installation requirements and recommendations:

Sound canons may scare not only wolves but livestock as well, and they may also disturb neighbours. Therefore they should be used only in places at distance from settlements and directed into the forest.

The most important consideration is to prevent wolves from becoming accustomed:

  • Purchase device that can be programmed to emit sounds at random time intervals and series;
  • Relocate regularly;
  • Use only in periods of increased wolf activity or livestock young bearing;
  • Use in combination with other measures.

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