Every measure is described according to a standard structure given below.

Some elements of the description are evaluated in stars (from one to four). It is only an approximate evaluation which is best suited for comparing different measures. General principle of the evaluation is the following: the more stars measure has the better, i.e. it is more effective, easier to install, cheaper, etc.


It is a text describing the measure.


It is the description of the farm size or type the measure is suitable for.


It is the evaluation of how reliably the measure protects from wolves.

1star – ineffective

2stars – low or temporary effectiveness

3stars – effective, especially in combination with other measures

4stars – very effective, even if used alone


It is the evaluation of the financial means needed to install and maintain the measure.

1star – high

2stars – average

3stars – low

4stars – minimal


It is the evaluation of time and labour costs needed to maintain the measure.

1star – great (many people and/or more than an hour a day)

2stars – average (one person, up to an hour a day)

3stars – small (one person, up to half an hour a day)

4stars – minimal

Installation requirements and recommendations

It is a list of things you need to pay attention to when installing, as well as the installation and usage requirements for the measure to function appropriately.

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