Dog enclosure

Dog enclosure


Dog enclosure is a specific measure for keeping and protecting domestic dogs. Wolves kill not only livestock, but also chained dogs, so you should ensure their safety, because they can neither run away nor protect themselves. Also, even though it is still a common thing in rural areas, according to Lithuania’s animal welfare laws, keeping chained dogs is regarded as animal torture. Other way to protect dogs is to let them in the cattle-shed or in the house for the night.


Measure is suitable for all farms and all dogs, except for shepherd dogs which have to stay with the herd all the time.

Effectiveness 4stars

Correctly installed enclosure is a very reliable dog protection measure from the wolves.

Price 2stars

The installation of the enclosure is not very expensive, though it depends on the size and the construction.

Maintenance 3stars

Minimal maintenance is required. From time to time you have to check whether the construction is still solid, whether there are no gaps or other weak spots that your dog or wolf could use. The enclosure should be cleaned regularly.

Installation requirements and recommendations:

  • Install quite commodious enclosure so that your dog would have enough space to move;
  • Choose the base so that it would not collect dirt and could be cleaned easily;
  • Install kennel within the enclosure where the dog could sleep and hide.

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