Historically it is the oldest livestock protection measure from the predators. Human presence with the herd keeps wolves away. When technical protection measures appeared, shepherding remained only in places where herds are roaming over large territories. In Lithuania the tradition of shepherding is practically lost.


Today it can be used in small farms and specific situations, for example, a few nights after the attack if there are no other possibilities to quickly protect animals.

Effectiveness 4stars

The measure is very effective. If a man (better – several people) stays with the herd, wolves do not approach it. In worst case shepherd can defend animals if wolves dare to attack them.

Price 2stars

The price strongly depends on who and for how long protects the herd. If shepherd is a temporary measure for a few nights after the attack, it will not be expensive. It will be much costlier if shepherd is hired for a longer period of time.

Maintenance 1star

Shepherd has to stay with the herd constantly, or at least during the night.

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