Easy-to-move self-powered floodlights are activated by movement and can be quickly installed as a prevention measure.  They fit for the places, where the risk of wolves’ attack is low or can be used for short periods of time. The measure will be less effective in early summer when the dark hours are short, as well as in the dawn when wolves are still active, but the light that turns on is not bright. The measure is more effective when used in combination with other measures, such as electric or non-electric enclosures, near the shed, etc.


Floodlights are more suitable as a precaution measure for the farms with a low risk of attack (no wolf attacks in the area, no suspicion of wolves coming to the pasture). If there is a higher risk of attack or if the livestock have already been attacked, the floodlights can be used as a temporary (up to 2 weeks) preventive measure until a more reliable one is installed or used in addition to other measures.

Effectiveness 2stars

Wolves are repelled by the effect of surprise when the light suddenly turns on. However, if they encounter the light frequently, this effect will fade, and the measure will become ineffective. The measure can be effective for a short period of time or in an area where wolves rarely visit pasture and do not have many opportunities to get used to the floodlight.

Price 3stars

The prices vary widely – from dozen to hundred euros. The protection of the herd will require more than one floodlight; the number depend on the area to be protected. It is not worth limiting the floodlight just to one side of the pasture.

Maintenance 3stars

Maintenance is minimal. It will be necessary to check regularly if the lights are still lit and not fell, replace the batteries.

Installation requirements and recommendations

– Floodlights must be set up in such a way as to respond to movements around the perimeter of the livestock enclosure or grazing area, but the livestock by themselves should switch it on as rarely as possible.

– The situation of wolf attacks in the area should be watched; if the wolves become active, the floodlights should be replaced or supplemented by a more reliable prevention measure.

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