Cattle-shed is a common building found in almost every farmer‘s homestead. Usually animals are kept in cattle-sheds during sensitive period – winter or when they are young and weak. But if a flock is kept near home, bringing animals into to the cattle-shed for the night would be a very reliable protection measure. Even if there is no possibility to do this regularly, you should consider bringing your livestock in during periods of increased risk, e.g. after recent depredation cases in the neighbourhood. When grazing the herd away from home, a shed can be set up in the pasture. It is important that the wolf could not get into it and the animals be driven at night and in bad weather.


Most suitable for small farms when livestock are pastured not far for home and all of them fit into the cattle-shed.

Effectiveness 4stars

Cattle-shed is a very reliable protection measure. If it is not in ruins and animals are brought in for the night or during bad weather, their safety is practically guaranteed.

Price 3stars

Usually a cattle-shed already is present in the farm, but you may need to fix and adapt it for keeping livestock. It would be rather expensive to build a new one.

Maintenance 2stars

The maintenance of a cattle-shed is quite simple and not that different from the maintenance of other livestock buildings. But if previously animals were not kept in the cattle-shed during the summer and now you plan to bring in them quite often, the care for animals and the cattle-shed itself would require additional effort.

Installation requirements and recommendations

  • The building must have walls and a roof, there must be no slots that the wolf can overcome.
  • Building should be with the floor or other mesures should be used to protect against digging under the wall.
  • You must follow regulations regarding hygiene of livestock keeping.


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