Electric net

Electric net


Electric net is a protection measure similar to the electric fence. The main difference is that instead of several horizontal tapes or wires the net through which the charge flows is used.

Usually it is easier and quicker to install electric net and it can be moved to other place if needed, but because of this it is also less stable and less durable. To protect livestock from wolves it should be not less than 1.10 m high. Similarly to the electric fence an additional electric wire can be installed above the ground in front of the enclosure. Also, additional electric tapes above the net can be installed to protect from jumping over. The net is effective when the power is on, so it needs to be checked regularly whether there are no leakage through objects touching the net.

Compared to the ordinary electric shepherd of one-two wires which is usually used to enclose livestock in pastures, this enclosure is more visible, solid and high enough to protect livestock from wolves.


The electric net is suitable for any farm, most of all for sheep herd which has to be regularly moved to another part of the pasture. The electric net can fence all pasture or only a part of it where the animals are kept for the night. In this case enough space is needed so that animals would feel safe in the center of it.

Effectiveness  3stars

Correctly installed and maintained electric net is an effective measure protecting from predators. The net itself is a physical barrier and electric shock is really unpleasant to the animal that has contact with the fence. It is believed that animals sense the electric field, so their resolution to come closer or to try to get in decreases.

One of the weaknesses of the net is that livestock scared by wolves may break the enclosure themselves. Therefore you should use as strong poles as possible, avoid right angles when fencing, leave enough space for the livestock that they would feel safe from the predators outside.

Effectiveness may be increased by keeping livestock guarding dogs in the enclosure.

Price  1star

Electric net needs initial investment that is quite high: nets, a generator, an accumulator, poles, and a tester will be needed. It is more expensive and less durable than electric fence, but it is easier to move it, therefore choose what is better for you.

The price relatively decreases when the territory which is fenced increases. The regular maintenance and renewing would not cost much. Therefore, initial investment would be distributed over several years and the total price of the measure would not be that high.

Maintenance 3stars

Regular maintenance is needed. The most important things that need to be attended to are whether the appropriate charge is flowing through the net, whether there is no leakage through any touching objects, whether the net and the poles are intact and stable. We recommend to use control lamps, which show whether the power is on from a distance. It also helps to repel predators.

Installation requirements and recommendations:

  • Not less than 1.10 m high; you can install additional charged tape or wire with signal strips or signal beacons above the net.
  • Use double-spiked poles.
  • Fencing in an area on an uneven landscape, the poles must be arranged in a way that the bottom of the net in the hollows is by the land’s surface, without leaving any space.
  • Voltage at least 3000 V. Make sure there is no leakage; testers, flashers, SMS can be of use.
  • The net must not touch trees, bushes or other objects that would cause the voltage in the enclosure to drop.
  • The net must be well tighten.

Livestock may break the enclosure from within when they are scared by wolves. Therefore:

  • Avoid right angles when fencing. Scared animals usually run in parallel to the net and break it in the corners.
  • Fortify the gates as scared livestock usually run through them.
  • If possible, tie the livestock inside the enclosure for the night.
  • Dedicate 10 ares for each sheep, and in a case of a bigger herd, livestock should be given enough space so that when they move to the center of enclosure, there would be around 50 m of space left till its boarders.

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